Charlotte Small Business Owner: DNC Is Destroying My Business

September 06, 2012

The election is nearing and both sides are rushing to gain the support of America’s small business owners. They make up a large constituent of the voting population and are famous for jumping on the opportunity to voice their opinions. Naturally both like to claim that what they have in mind for this country is what’s best for small business but of course there are some who disagree. Take Berhan Nebioglu, a small business owner in Charlotte North Carolina who claims that the Democratic National Convention currently taking place is destroying her business. The Huffington Post expands, “When Berhan Nebioglu first heard the Democratic National Convention was coming to town, she pictured an influx of tourists flooding her small jewelry shop in uptown Charlotte. But Nebioglu spent Tuesday, the first full day of the DNC, staring at an empty store.

Security outside the building that houses Nebioglu’s Jewelry & Gift Shop requires that people ask for the store by name to gain entrance during the convention, which is taking place less than a mile down the road. It’s destroying the possibility that passers-by will notice the business and make a purchase, says Nebioglu…”

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Source - Huffington Post


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