Mobile Location Apps: The Next Big Tech Trend?

May 08, 2012

Mobile technology has come a long way since first generation cell phones. In the past, when shopping for a new phone, one would ask “which has the best reception” or “which has the longest talk time”. Now, the ability to make phone calls is taken for granted and now the focus is on internet speeds and processing power. That’s because we don’t have phones any more. Instead, we have portable computers that just happen to be able to make phone calls. These “smart phones” started as an expansion of PDAs but have morphed into mobile workstations that can rival laptops of a few years ago. Unlike traditional computers which have utility providing “programs”, smartphones have “applications” (apps). Think of apps as lite versions of the more familiar programs on PCs. Everyone who uses a smartphone (over 50% of mobile users) most likely use an array of apps. Apps are even now starting to replace computers as the dominating way of accessing the internet, e.g. the majority of Facebook’s traffic comes from smartphones instead of computers. Apps have displayed exponential growth as every company and type of business needs to have a mobile app or risk losing their consumers to those who do.

Today, Timo Platt has an interesting article recognizing the popularity of apps and explaining how the next direction for the industry is more location based integration. Moreover, now that everyone has apps on their phones these apps need a way to communicate and interconnect with each other. Location based apps can tell you who is near you, businesses and entertainment close to you, and more importantly, for businesses and mobile marketers, can more precisely target ads based on your demographics and current location. 

-Charles, Exabyzness

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